DCES NYAR High Flying School


 Vienna, GA---Dooly County Elementary School has been selected as a High-Flying School at the 2023 National Youth Advocacy and Resilience Conference. Fewer than five schools across the nation receive this prestigious recognition each year. High Flying Schools are excelling academically while serving a significant percentage of underrepresented or underserved populations. To be considered for the award, schools must demonstrate initiatives and collaborations that ensure growth and advancement for the students they support. We received this award based on our work with migrant students. The Dooly County School System Director of Federal Programs, Dr. Terrie Lockhart, works directly with our migrant programs in the district. Lockhart states, "All children deserve an equitable education that prepares them for college and career readiness. The Dooly County School System is dedicated to providing programs and support that are culturally sensitive, helping our children to learn and grow in a safe space. Congratulations to the Dooly County Elementary School!" 

The Dooly County School System Executive Director of Operations, Dr. Sherrod Willaford, expresses gratitude upon receiving the news. Willaford is the former principal of the Dooly K8 Academy. He states, “This honor is a distinguishing example of collective efficacy between our students, teachers, administrators (both district and school-based), parents, and other community stakeholders. We are glad to be able to share our story on a state and national level and are looking forward to celebrating this achievement with the entire school community. To be deemed a “High-Flying” School by the National Youth Advocacy and Resilience Conference is a feat that few schools can claim. It represents the hard work, commitment, and dedication of our entire school community in providing educational excellence for all students." 

Each school selected as a 2023 High-Flying School will receive an honorarium of $1000 that goes toward school support, and DCES will use these funds to further support our students.