Dooly K8 Students Present in Athens

On Tuesday, January 24, 2023, Mrs. Kylie Garrard and Ms. Consuela Woodson's seventh grade students presented one of their lessons to the Deeper Learning Network (DLN) at the University of Georgia. The DLN is composed of 19 Georgia school systems who are dedicated to creating meaningful learning experiences for students. Superintendent, Dr. Craig Lockhart states, " I was nearly in tears as our students presented a powerful exhibition of learning. Our students were AMAZING! Thank you to teachers: Kylie Garrard, Consuela Woodson, Principal: Dr. Hollie Walters, and the K8 staff for pouring a high quality education into our students! "

           Superintendent Dr. Craig Lockhart at GAEL/ DLN

Mrs. Kylie Garrard expressed her gratitude, and how proud she is of her students as well. Garrard states, " An amazing day with a great group of students. We had the opportunity to present as part of Georgia Deeper Learning Network at GAEL in Athens today. My students were phenomenal, and represented our CSI: Dooly Project well. I am beyond proud of them, and we squeezed in a tour of UGA's athletic facility and a visit to Chick-fil-A to end our day." 

                                                             Mrs. Garrard and Ms. Woodson