New Board Members



Vienna, GA---Judge Rooney Bowen swore in three new board members for the Dooly County Board of Education on Monday January 9, 2023. The district is pleased to welcome Miranda Barron (District 5), Minnie Harper (District 3), and Sherri Taylor (District 1). Below are statements each board member wishes to share with the public: 

“Hello, my name is Miranda Barron, and I am representing the District 5 BOE seat. I am a native of Houston County where I graduated from Houston County High School and attended Middle Georgia Technical College. I have been residing in Dooly County, which I now recognize as home for the last 15 years. I am a proud wife and mother to two biological daughters and two stepdaughters. Two have since graduated from Dooly County High School and one currently attends Dooly County High School. I am also the proud business owner of Hygienic Clean Janitorial Services, where I service the needs of Dooly and surrounding counties. I have been an active member at a local church in Byromville, where I served as a youth coordinator and held a youth drug prevention program. I am also over the youth praise dance team. My passion has always been to serve as a mentor, to help the youth, and to assist those who are struggling in different areas. I am excited and humbly grateful to be a part of a board that will see to the best outcome, success, and educational needs of the children of Dooly County.”  


 “Hello, my name is Minnie L. Harper. I have over 50 years of experience in education and have been in the Dooly County community my entire life. I am the mother of two: Edna & Edward, Jr. I have four grandchildren: Tamia, Edward III, Wimberly, & Izrayehl. It is my honest belief that the children of Dooly County hold the future of our community in their hands. I believe that every child deserves a quality education without negative influence. Our children are amazing and have so much potential. It will be my duty to ensure that the children educated by the Dooly County School System receive the best education possible, as well as learning how to become productive citizens and leaders.”