Vienna, GA---

Dear Bobcat Nation,  It is with great pleasure that I announce that the Dooly County School System has been awarded $3.1 million dollars to create the Dooly College and Career Academy (DCCA). This academy will allow us to create a culinary arts lab (which will include our food processing center), cosmetology/barbering, and a welding lab at Dooly County High School for our students.  

Although the official board approval took place on December 1, 2022, the school system was notified that we won the grant on November 16,2022. the same day as our Carolyn Brooks Walk-for-a-Cure event. Ms. Brooks was our CTAE Director and first CEO of DCCA, and it was most fitting to learn this great news on the day we honored her.   

Please share the press release from Governor Brian Kemp's office below.  I want to thank the Dooly County Board of Education, faculty and staff, the DCCA Governing Board, and Dr. Monica Kearse, our CEO of DCCA, for their support and efforts. Attached are pictures of Dooly and Monroe counties (this year's only two recipients) and members of our Dooly team as we received the grant approval. 

We are Dedicated, Determined, Dominant, and Dynamic!  This is Dooly, and we are Dooly 4 Life!
-Superintendent, Craig Lockhart.