The Dooly County School System is accepting resumes for the District Three Board Vacancy. Per O.C.G.A. §20-2-54.1, the Dooly County Board of Education will fill the vacancy with an individual who will hold the seat from now through the special election of 2022.  Interested persons must meet these qualifications to serve as a board member: be a citizen of Georgia, a resident of Dooly County for at least 12 months and a resident of the district with the vacancy; not hold any other county office nor any “office of profit or trust” under the US government; be of sound mind and not suffer from advanced age or body infirmity; not have “next of kin” as board member, superintendent, principal, assistant principal or system administrative staff.   Further they cannot be an employee of the Dooly County School District, serve on the board of a private school, be an employee of the SDOE, and be registered to vote. Finally, they must read and understand the Code of Ethics and conflict of interest policies, agree to abide by them, and agree to get the annual training required by law.

The deadline to submit your resume is October 1, 2020 by 5:00 pm.  If considered for an interview, please note that interviews will take place on October 6, 2020. Please email all resumes and inquiries to:

Dooly County School System Board Chairwoman Katrice Taylor