X'Zavian Davis

Dooly County PREP Academy 10th grader, X’Zavian Davis, has been nominated for the Governor’s Honors Program in social studies. Also known as GHP, The Georgia Governor’s Honors Program is a residential summer program for skilled, knowledgeable, and talented high school sophomores and juniors. GHP offers instruction that is significantly different from the typical high school classroom and is designed to provide students with academic, cultural, and social enrichment necessary to become the next generation of global critical thinkers, innovators, and leaders. 

The PREP Academy is a separate facility that serves Dooly K8 and Dooly County High School students who can benefit from an alternative school setting, rather than the traditional school setting. PREP Academy Director, Dr. Barbara Bryant, states, “X’Zavian impressed me with his intellectual curiosity, passion for history, and ability to stay abreast of current issues and topics in our society. Given that his environment is not the norm, he is on the path to being the first-generation college graduate in his family. I am confident that this program will give him the nudge he needs to pursue a college education.” Despite some shortcomings, Davis is incredibly determined to learn from his mistakes, and is constantly challenging himself to become a better person. Davis states that the PREP Academy has helped him in many ways. He can stay focused on himself and his schoolwork.  

Davis has been thinking hard about his plans after graduation. He states, “I don’t know if I want to go to trade school or have an actual college experience. I like sports, welding, and I am interested in driving trucks.” When asked who inspires him, X’Zavian stated that Coach Cecil Lester motivated him. "He always wants to see me at my best,” Davis stated. “Even when I don’t do right, he motivates me. I look up to him.”  

Davis was born and raised in Unadilla, Georgia. His favorite subject is math, he loves his younger siblings and understands that he is a role model for them, and he is passionate about learning. He wants his peers to know that he is from a small place, but if he can be successful so can they. He is looking forward to representing Dooly County for Governor’s Honors and hopes he wins. Davis states, “I competed for Governor’s Honors, and I hope I win so more people will know about Dooly County, not just the surrounding counties. We have smart students here too.”  

We are beyond proud of X’Zavian, and wish him the best of luck as he represents The Dooly County School System! The finalists for GHP will be announced in April.